It’s hard to deny that the cost of living is sky-rocketing, and we see a lot of people coming to Acrow looking for a way to increase their income/general wealth with a rental, or avoid the cost of alternative living arrangements for family members. We’re seeing this even more as we start to move toward 2024. We are constantly looking for ways to support those seeking a granny flat, with affordable, reliable and high quality options to meet needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for close-to-home, cost-effective living solutions for your ageing parents or growing kids, or a rental investment with less financial output than a new property, it’s good to begin your preparation and consideration as soon as possible, with our support. Here are the key steps to prepare for your granny flat build to ensure a seamless process. 


When you’re considering a granny flat, start by assessing your needs and goals for the build. What are your space requirements? What are the specific zoning regulations for your existing property? Do you have enough space for the granny flat you’re after? Or do you need to adjust the design, floor plan or size options to suit it better? Additionally, carefully evaluate the optimal location for the granny flat, considering factors such as accessibility, aesthetics, and functionality. This initial phase of assessment is the groundwork for a well-informed and successful granny flat construction process, aligning the project with both your personal preferences and regulatory guidelines.

It’s worth also consulting with a professional regarding adherence to all regulatory aspects so your granny flat construction stays in accordance with the law, providing a solid foundation for a successful and legally compliant build. However, Acrow does handle all of the legal requirements for your granny flat, so while it’s good to have a general understanding, you will not be left with this to handle yourself. 


Choosing the right design for you is crucial as part of the planning process, and it’s also the fun part! While the aesthetic can be important, what you want to look more closely at is the functionality of the floor plan and general layout to ensure it fits your life and lifestyle, or that of the person/s who will live there. At Acrow, we offer a wide variety of granny flat designs that can also be customised to suit your needs, wants and budget. 

Take your time looking through the designs and really think about the space and how you would be using it. Whether you prioritise a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional style, the design should cater to your lifestyle. By thoughtfully considering design elements, you will choose the granny flat that not only meets your immediate needs but also serves as a comfortable and efficient living space for the long term.


Setting a realistic budget is required for all building projects, but especially so when considering a granny flat. The aim is to create a cost-effective solution to whatever goal or application you’re aiming for. Take into account construction costs, materials, labour, and potential contingencies to avoid unexpected financial burdens. However, going with Acrow Granny Flats, we will be able to give you a clear and concise quote to cover the entire project to keep things seamless and easy to follow.

By carefully addressing the budgetary considerations, you can ensure the granny flat remains financially viable and successful..

Right builder

Selecting the right builder is the single biggest decision when looking at a granny flat build. Finding a reputable builder like Acrow Granny Flats, with a proven track record and specific experience in granny flat construction, you have the quality guarantee and peace of mind you need for your investment. 

Effective communication is also vital; collaborate closely with us, articulate your vision, preferences, and expectations clearly. By investing time and effort into your build, you lay the foundation for a successful and satisfying construction experience.

Ready to start your granny flat build?