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Beautiful Granny Flats with luxurious features

With over two decades of providing Lake Macquarie with outstanding customer service and beautiful granny flats, Acrow Granny Flats is the perfect choice for those wishing to invest in their future. We have a range of standard plans ready-to-go that come loaded with luxurious features, as well as customizable designs tailored to fulfil your family’s dreams and needs! We already have 300+ happy customers, now it’s time you experience why Acrow has become the most trusted provider of top-quality granny flats in the Lake Macquarie region.

From the greenery of the mountains to the golden beaches at the water’s edge, we know every part of Lake Macquarie. Our family-run business prides itself on building custom granny flats and duplexes across the city that meet your needs, budget and timelines. Whatever your vision is, Acrow Investments have you covered.

The benefits of an Acrow Granny Flat in Lake Macquarie

  • Enhanced lifestyle options for you and your family
    • Independent, secure living for your growing children
    • A workspace
    • Guest accommodation
    • Tourist accommodation
    • An adults sanctuary
    • A place for granny!
  • Potential additional income from rent
  • A huge range of floor plans and designs
  • Our fantastic inclusions
  • Your property value is increased

A perfect home in a wonderful setting – A Granny Flat in Lake Macquarie

From the rolling waves of Lake Macquarie to the majestic Watagan Mountains, adventure awaits in this Southern Hemisphere oasis.

Experience a peaceful alternative to city life and enjoy breathtaking views while taking part in activities like bushwalking, sailing, fishing or local wineries & cultural events!

Discover stunning beaches and over 3 million hectares of parks & reserves all while embracing an ultra-easy living experience with “barefoot” dress code where classic pleasures never go out of style. The near-perfect sub-tropical climate creates an ideal destination for your lifestyle.


Looking to simplify your life and save some cash? Consider downsizing with Acrow’s granny flats in Lake Macquarie. With affordable prices that won’t break the bank, you can have it all – luxurious amenities without losing out on lifestyle! Make living small part of a big adventure by getting creative when designing your space.


A lifestyle choice

Open the door to a world of endless possibilities with your own granny flat! Transform it into an imaginative space for kids, or create an adult-only retreat. Secure accommodation for growing children and private offices are just two options at your fingertips or use your granny flat as an exciting teen pod bursting with activities!

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A smart investment

Kick-start your investment portfolio or give it a major boost with one of our contemporary granny flats in the idyllic Lake Macquarie region. Not only will you enjoy attractive weekly rent payments ranging from $400 to 500, but your interest-only loan repayments could return instant profit – expect at least around $250 to 300 each week!

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The Numbers

Let Acrow build your dream granny flat today. Contact us to find out more.

Expected Approval Duration

Six to eight weeks

Expected Build Duration

Twelve weeks with optimal weather conditions.

Average Rental Return*

$400-500 per week.
*Based on averages in the Lake Macquarie area.

Why invest in Lake Macquarie?

A hidden investors gem, Lake Macquarie is becoming one of NSW hottest destinations and fastest growing regions (in fact, the third largest regional city in NSW by population). For investors, choosing Lake Macquarie over Sydney is a no-brainer. Property prices in Sydney are increasingly becoming unaffordable, but Lake Macquarie offers the chance of generating an additional source of income with potential 10-15% ROI* (and growing).

Lake Macquarie has a thriving, diverse community – over 20,000 residents were born overseas. It is anticipated there will be a demand for 13,500 new dwellings by 2036 as the city’s population grows by an additional 28,000 people.

A short 10 minute journey to Newcastle, and 35 minutes to the Hunter Valley wine region, Lake Macquarie is a perfect blend of city, regional and beach lifestyle. With over 12,000 active businesses and 1.3 million international and domestic tourists visiting every year, Lake Macquarie is the perfect place to invest.

Sources: LakemacVisitNSW.

Everything You Need To Know About Building A Granny Flat

Your Questions, Answered

Tap into the knowledge of our professional Lake Macquarie design and building team! With years of experience, we can provide assistance from industry basics to specialist advice tailored to your project.
Get in touch today – one of our experts will answer any questions you might have!

Can I build a Granny Flat on my property?

If your property meets the minimum site requirements for a granny flat in NSW, then yes, you can have the option of building a granny flat either attached or detached to your primary property. Make sure to read the NSW requirements or contact us today to find out if your block is suitable for a granny flat

What is Acrow Granny Flats experience in building granny flats in the Lake Macquarie area?

We were among the first to build granny flats during the Lake Macquarie region’s recent growth surge. It’s just part of our 20-year career building granny flats across the area, including Morisset, Cooranbong and Bonnels Bay, to name a few. As trusted local builders, Acrow Investments understands how the local councils regulate and govern new granny flats and home projects in this region. We combine our knowledge of the local landscape and site conditions with our build expertise to provide you with a free site inspection and no-obligation quote.

How much does it cost to build a granny flat in the Lake Macquarie area?

Our standard two-bedroom granny flat in the Lake Macquarie area – from start to turn-key – starts at $125,000 (ex. GST). We provide premium inclusions in our standard builds; however, some additional costs will apply. These can include external works, council approval fees and land prep. The important factors here are your suburb, size of block and site conditions. Contact us to arrange a consultation where we can conduct a free site inspection and provide an obligation-free quote.

What is the average rental return of a granny flat in the Lake Macquarie area?

If you’re adding an Acrow granny flat to your property as an investment, you’ll value our free rental return report. As a guideline, the average weekly rent for granny flats in the Lake Macquarie area can range from $350 to $450. If you’re planning to finance your build, a standard interest-only mortgage repayment will return gross profit averages around $250 to $300 per week. To obtain a free rental report of your own, give us a call to arrange your no-cost, no-obligation site inspection and quote.

Do I need planning permission to build a granny flat in the Lake Macquarie region?

With the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) covering granny flat builds in the Lake Macquarie area, your project will not require council approval or planning permission. Still, general NSW zoning rules and legislation do put controls on front and rear setback requirements: your new granny flat build must satisfy these. The good news is that with almost 20 years of experience, we’re well across all the conditions and contingencies – so, give us a call to discuss your project. No obligation, just information.

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