Canberra is witnessing a significant shift in residential building with more and more home owners looking to add secondary residences for family or for rental income. If you are in the market to buy a property with this intention, we have a few tips to help you find the right block

Tips for buying when your goal is to add a secondary residence in Canberra, ACT

  • Try to purchase a block that is rectangle, with house to the front and plenty of rear garden.
  • It is best if the house is square on the land not on an angle….it gives you more room for privacy from the house and the granny flat.
  • Best size is from 700m2 upwards as you will always need a 3.000 mtr rear setback.
  • The side setbacks are 1.500 from one boundary and 3.000 from the second side boundary.
  • Many houses in ACT have electrical easements, it is best if this is along the rear boundary not the side.
  • It is best to have the width of two cars at the side for access as you need to provide parking for 3 cars in total behind the building line.
  • 2 can be tandem but the third has to be unhindered (this allows the granny flat tenant clear access at all times) modifications of this can be worked but that will depend on the block.
  • If you remove a garage to build this granny flat you will most definitely need to ensure you meet the parking codes.
  • No large trees within 4 mtrs of a granny flat, ACTPLA are hesitant to allow you to remove any significant trees in the area.
  • You can only build out the front of a property if you have at least a 13.000 set back from the road
  • Corner blocks are the best so long as they have plenty of back garden as the granny flat needs to be built behind the building line of the other houses in the street.


Canberra’s Trusted Granny Flat Builders

If you live in the ACT and are searching for a clever way to invest in your own property, a Granny Flat built by Acrow may be exactly what you’re looking for. Our customers are building Granny Flats in Canberra for myriad of reasons. For example, as a comfortable alternative to expensive and overcrowded nursing homes, that keep your elderly loved ones close while maintaining your personal space for daily life. Families are investing in Granny Flats in Canberra to pay off a mortgage much faster by making the most of vacant backyard space. With the ability to build a Granny Flat from up to 90m2 in the ACT, the possibilities are endless for you to maximise the return on your property.

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